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In lieu of reviews, some kind words from artistic collaborators

Bob Weir - Musician

Laura Benanti - Vocalist & Actress

Spiral Bound-3192 copy.jpg

“What sets Miranda apart is the tenderness in her music. Audiences nowadays are accustomed to being blown away by music, but Miranda's music has the power to make them lean in and truly listen. As a vocalist, I find that singing Mirand’s music draws forth emotion and sensitivity that has a profound impact on artists and audiences alike. Her music communicates with a unique authenticity that is both meaningful and joyful to perform.”

Micaela Diamond Vocalist & Actress

Precipice_2022_03_17_007 copy.jpg

“Singing Miranda’s music was such a memorable moment in my life. There’s a quality to each song that could make me cry. There’s structure but also a fundamental freedom within because it’s rooted in a place of unique character and story. Her specificity in direction when we recorded was personal and a great challenge as a singer. I used my voice in a way no composer and lyricist had ever asked me prior - a rare gift to an artist.”

Abe Koogler - Playwright

"Miranda Jones' songs are mysterious, surprising, and stunningly beautiful. She's just incredibly talented as a songwriter and a builder of characters and worlds. She creates electric, one-of-kind theatrical experiences that leave audience members like me feeling more alive and connected. I tell everyone to go see her shows."

Eleri Ward - Vocalist & Actress

"Miranda creates a world all her own within her music, and within it, brings a much needed breath of fresh air to the musical theater space. Her storytelling expands from the harmony to the melody to the lyric, and even beyond the page, broadening what musical theater music is capable of. By blending grooves and styles that meet at the cornerstone of her unique approach to narrative, she clearly has a singular voice that the theater canon is beckoning for. "

Kuhoo Verma Vocalist & Actress


"Performing Miranda’s music with such brilliant artists felt warm & familial- in its very conception, her music is a celebration of and by women. Each song feels like a love letter to another dynamic woman, deeply realized and appreciated."

Jeff Chimenti - Musician

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