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Miranda Ferriss Jones



Miranda shares her love for singing and songwriting in her work as a creative coach. Her vocal studio welcomes both professionals and amateurs looking to elevate their craft and discover their creative callings through the portals of song and writing. Through Miranda's guidance and support, students of all abilities experience growth in their technical, performative, and creative abilities. Miranda helps all her students tap into their emotional core and marries passion and rigor in a safe and supportive environment.


"Miranda’s classes and retreats are transformative, holistic and exhilarating. An incredible teacher and coach, she is a true visionary with a rare ability to bring out the creative life force that lies within all of us. It is one of the greatest gifts of my life to be a part of the amazing community she has built." - Karen, student of 7 years

"I found Miranda for vocal lessons at a time in my life when I needed to reconnect with the artist in me, which I feared I was losing. I wanted to sing and write songs but I needed help. I'd never taken singing lessons before, and I didn't know what to expect. Miranda turned out to be the perfect teacher for me. Nothing is routine. Lessons are organic and multi-directional. The best lessons are hard work full of big personal risks. In every session with Miranda she helps you open your voice through challenging formal work but always with an encouraging embrace."
Amanda, 5 Year Student

"Working with Miranda on my singing has been such an awesome journey. I have always been a singer, but with Miranda’s help I’ve been able to start unlocking my voice’s full potential. Not only is she brimming with technical knowledge to guide you in singing a song well, her creative and emotional energy helps you actually bring it to life. Miranda respects and understands that our time together is a break from the everyday things, which makes lessons a joy!" - Samantha, 5 Year Student

"Miranda is so much more than a vocal coach. Not only does she have the knowledge and ear to assess and improve your unique vocal instrument, she helps her students tap into their creative energy. She has given me the tools and confidence to discover who I am as an artist. She is not only a vocal guru but also a role model. Working with Miranda is a truly joyful and inspiring experience! - Shannin, 6 Year Student

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