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Spiral bound

Music by Miranda Ferriss Jones

Lyrics by Richard Edelman and Miranda Ferriss Jones 

Based upon the 1967-1974 poems by Richard Edelman

Latest Performance: Joe's Pub - November 6th

See more: Joe's PubPlaybill

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Miranda Ferriss Jones


Spiral Bound MMA-54_edited.jpg

Rich Edelman

Original Poet / Co - Lyricist


Yair Evnine


Sujin Portraits-86.jpg

Sujin Kim Ramsey

Music Director

Emily Maltby.jpg

Emily Maltby


Laura Benanti

Laura Benanti

Creative Producer

Based upon poems written from 1967-1974 by sculptor and poet, Richard Edelman, Miranda Ferriss Jones’ newest song cycle, SPIRAL BOUND, explores the inaccessible loves of our memories.  The poems, filtered through Miranda’s own experiences and imaginings, emerge as musicalized vignettes, recollections of the unrequited and doomed loves of our youth. 


Retaining the pronouns of Edelman’s original poetry, each song is sung by a woman, recalling a girl who caught her heart and trapped it in a specific moment in time. From crushes on playgrounds to the nubile infatuations of teenage summers to the wild passions of twenty-somethings living in the city, Spiral Bound is a different look at good old fashioned love and heartache.


With arrangements by Yair Evnine, the music, consistently nostalgic, is a fusion of modern indie folk, sixties pop, blues and musical theater. With comparisons to Paul Simon, Erykah Badu, Carole King and Fiona Apple, Miranda’s music takes the listener on a theme park ride through the musical influences of her lifetime. 

Images from 3/28/22 Performance

Produced by the Montclair Theatre Project
at the
Montclair Art Museum


Olivia Kaufmann and Miki Abraham


Images from the Band Tracking Session


Grand Street Recording Studio​


Yair Evnine Guitar & Cello

Yuval Lions Drums

Lee Nadel Bass

Justin Carroll Keys

Jason Sill Engineer

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