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Book, Lyrics & Music by Miranda Ferriss Jones

A hilarious & heartwarming Christmas adventure, THE QUEST FOR CHRISTMAS is the new holiday musical that families have been waiting for. The show tells the story of Eleanor, a young girl who still believes in Santa Claus in a world where even Santa believes that holiday spirit has been lost to cynicism and consumerism. Joined by a charming and quirky cast of characters, Eleanor embarks on a magical adventure to restore the joy of Christmas first to Santa and then to the world! With catchy songs, humor and feel good energy, 'The Quest for Christmas'  is crowd pleaser for kids and adults that will make you believe at any age.

'The Quest for Christmas' enjoyed several readings in California, including one produced by the Musical Cafe Showcase at Oakland's 'Flight Deck' Theatre. 

Check out The staged readinG AND DEMOS of some of the hits from the show!

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